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Subversion Informations 0.7

Feature update to Subversion Informations.

As of version 0.7 there are additional attributes which you can set for each repository inside the tag:

  • [svn:<element>@<category>.<repository>]
    With a specified WebSVN category. This also works with the full path tag.
  • [svn:<element>@<repository>/path/path/]
    A subdirectory for the WebSVN download. This does not work with full path tag.
  • [svn:<element>@<category>.<repository>/path/path/]
    Or a combination of both…



This of course eliminating the need for a special WebSVN category option in the plugin settings.

Subversion Informations 0.6

There is a new version (0.6) of my WordPress plugin Subversion Informations.

It is fully tested with WordPress 2.8.3 and comes along with a new info box which should always be correctly formated.

Feast your eyes on this (download link is not correct, just a demo):

Subversion Informations 0.6
Current Revision:
Last Author:
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2008-05-29 17:05:07 UTC
Download jetzt!

New Layout, WordPress 2.8.3 and Subversion Informations

I got sick of my old theme and decided it was time for something fresh. I chose monochrome 1.5 by mono-lab because of it’s simplistic beauty and functionality.

As WP was bugging me with a new available version (2.8.3), I took 10s of my precious time to update everything. Thanks to Subversion it is only the console command: svn update. Everything else is handled for you. If you feel the urge to try this method, I strongly recommend this guide from the official WordPress site.

Good news for you as well: I will fix the info box layout for Subversion Informations shortly.