SSL Server Connection

If you want to connect to an IRC network or a BNC through the Secure Sockets Layer, you have to change some of your mIRC settings. Do as follows:

 mIRC is statically linked to OpenSSL. Update mIRC regularly to always have the newest OpenSSL Libraries.

Go to your “Connect / Servers” settings and edit or add the desired server.

Insert every detail (at least the first three fields) and use the SSL port of the server. Tyrael uses 3001 for SSL and 3000 for non-SSL connections. You also have to prefix the SSL port with a “+” to make use of the SSL DLLs.

Go to your “Connect / Options” Settings and enter the SSL section.

Make sure to select “Display invalid certificates for approval” from the dropdown menu.

When you first connect through the Secure Sockets Layer, mIRC will pop-up a warning and wants you to accept the newly used certificate. Check “Automatically accept this certificate in future” and click “Accept”. You are done now ;)

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