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Subversion Informations 0.7.1

Bugfix/small feature update to Subversion Informations.

As of version 0.7.1 the separator between category and repository has changed from a dot (.) to an asterisk (*) allowing for dots inside of path and repository names:

  • [svn:<element>@<category>*<repository>]
  • [svn:<element>@<category>*<repository>/path/path/]



Subversion Informations 0.7

Feature update to Subversion Informations.

As of version 0.7 there are additional attributes which you can set for each repository inside the tag:

  • [svn:<element>@<category>.<repository>]
    With a specified WebSVN category. This also works with the full path tag.
  • [svn:<element>@<repository>/path/path/]
    A subdirectory for the WebSVN download. This does not work with full path tag.
  • [svn:<element>@<category>.<repository>/path/path/]
    Or a combination of both…



This of course eliminating the need for a special WebSVN category option in the plugin settings.

Subversion Informations 0.6

There is a new version (0.6) of my WordPress plugin Subversion Informations.

It is fully tested with WordPress 2.8.3 and comes along with a new info box which should always be correctly formated.

Feast your eyes on this (download link is not correct, just a demo):

Subversion Informations 0.6
Current Revision:
Last Author:
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2008-05-29 17:05:07 UTC
Download jetzt!

New Layout, WordPress 2.8.3 and Subversion Informations

I got sick of my old theme and decided it was time for something fresh. I chose monochrome 1.5 by mono-lab because of it’s simplistic beauty and functionality.

As WP was bugging me with a new available version (2.8.3), I took 10s of my precious time to update everything. Thanks to Subversion it is only the console command: svn update. Everything else is handled for you. If you feel the urge to try this method, I strongly recommend this guide from the official WordPress site.

Good news for you as well: I will fix the info box layout for Subversion Informations shortly.

New WordPress Plugin Pages

You can find my new WordPress Plugin Page in the navigation menu on the right.

The only subpage currently available is the before mentioned plugin Subversion Informations.

It is now tested with the newly installed WordPress 2.8.1-beta2 and seems to work fine.

Subversion Integration

Wie evtl. schon bemerkt wurde sind nun alle mIRC Scripte auch als Download verfügbar. Dabei wird jeweils die aktuellste Version aus dem Subversion Repository extrahiert, gepackt und euch fertig zugeschickt. So könnt ihr sicher sein, immer den aktuellsten Stand der Scripts zu bekommen.

Die Informationen rund um die jeweils aktuelle Version stammen übrigends von meinem ersten selbst erstellten WordPress Plugin namens Subversion Informations. Vielleicht werde ich eine neue Sektion auf dieser Seite für WP Plugins einrichten, wenn mich noch ein paar weitere Ideen überkommen… :)